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Views of San Francisco you rarely see
The Sunset District
The Outer Richmond District
This is taken from the UCSF garage, looking west into Irving Street, with Golden Gate Park on the right. You can access this balcony directly from Parnassus Street by walking around the Ambulatory Care Building (provided you are ambulating).
I bet you never saw San Francisco under this angle. We are standing at the top of the newly built garage of the VA Hospital in the Outer Richmond District, looking south into Golden Gate Park and the Sunset District.
Looking further to the left, we see the green band of Sunset Avenue running southward from Golden Gate Park. The pointy peak in the background is part of the San Bruno mountains.
On the other side, looking northeast over the Golden Gate.
If you walk to the other end of the hospital, you'll find the cafeteria (called the Canteen). It's open to the public and well worth a visit...
It offers the best view of any cafeteria I know. If you like to go to Cliff House (which is right down the street) but can't stand the crowd, the noise, and busloads of tourists, you must give the Canteen a try.
Carlo Caldana's corner