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It's always nice to get fan mail. It's especially nice when it comes from someone I'm a fan of.
This special nicety came from Akiko Itoyama, a meteoric presence in contemporary Japanese literature. Of the dozen or so novels she's already published since 2003, three have been adapted for the big screen, including Bakamono which opens this Spring and stars Yuki Uchida, one of Japan's leading actresses.

Akiko is also the recipient of several literary awards, including the Bungakukai New Face Award for her first novel It's Only Talk, and Japan's most prestigious award for literary fiction, the Akutagawa Prize for Waiting in the Offing (Oki de Matsu).

It's Only Talk is a can't-stop-reading tale about a single woman who swings between moods and men. Each chapter is short with no wasted word and many hilarious moments.

Waiting in the Offing is just as delightful a story about a company representative who asks a friend to destroy his computer hard-drive in the event of his death. The story hooks you from the start, using intrigue and humor, and flows along with snappy dialogue and sensitive observations.
You can read an English translation of Waiting in the Offing here.
Her first novel
It's Only Talk
is available in English from Amazon.jp.
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Carlo Caldana's corner