Smile Again, Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee is known for her acerbic wit and temper. When a mysterious accident ends her tennis career, Jenny finds out that her agent ran away with her money. Now penniless and forgotten by her sport, she decides to restart her career and seek financial support. She embarks in a search for her father who abandoned her when she was a child, but soon tracks down a man with a shady past who left a trail of family secrets.

94 minutes

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Is It Heaven Yet?

Waldo Thorneycroft, inventor of the micro-refractoscope, goes to the city to peddle his invention and survive a series of disappointing encounters with women.

81 minutes

Chivalrous Deeds
of a Nincompoop

As a man who believes he has only a few days to live, Waldo Thorneycroft resigns himself to step beyond his introverted past and take a stand not for himself, but for the woman with whom he is secretly in love.

87 minutes

The Colorblind Artist

Artist Kevin Richard Brown narrates this documentary about his quest to overcome color-blindness and the technique he uses to paint landscapes in full colors.

12 minutes

To Arms!

This short film without words starts with a series of images from war propaganda and moves on to show the sobering consequences of armed conflicts and their impact on children.

8 minutes

Go To Hell And
Turn Left

A comedy for all ages about a deaf painter named Oif Schmilblitz who sees his wife alive two years after her death.

80 minutes

The Omnibus Social Club
Episode 1 (2021)
Episode 2 (2022)

A two-part satirical comedy featuring Jamella Cross, Cristina Anselmo, Miia Ashley, Dan Lipsher, Carlo Caldana and guests.

Ep 1 - 27 minutes
Ep 2 - 32 minutes