Jenny Lee is a tennis all-star known for her acerbic wit and temper. When a mysterious accident ends her career, Jenny finds out that her agent ran away with her money. Now penniless and forgotten by her sport, she decides to restart her career and seek financial support. She embarks in a search for her father who abandoned her when she was a child, but soon tracks down a man with a shady past who left a trail of family secrets.

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                           Carlo's corner
                            Writer/filmmaker Carlo Caldana's website
Smile Again, Jenny Lee

A feature film adapted from the novel
Monique Hafen
Linda DeMetrick
Johnny Moreno
Carlo Caldana
Beverley Griffith
Susi Damilano
Puneet Prasad
Wendell Wilson
Carrie Lynda Paff
Safiya Fredericks
Jay Krohnengold
Craig Tsuyumine
Becky Parker
Joanne Grimm
Brandon Wardle
Gregory Pedemonte
Rick Homan
Scott Palmer
Michael Moerman
Phil Sheridan
Rick Haffner
Annamarie MacLeod
Larry Kitagawa
Valerie Weak
Jeffrey Sun
Bruce D. Giles
Candace Caldana
Gio Kendall
Benoit Levet
Joseph Matarrese
Jon Minodeo
Sebastian Lee Jellema
Polly Martini (Lau)
Felicity Maltby
Jenny Lee
Emily Lee
Alan Darrow
Charles Landale
Brenda Winston
Sandra Baikov
Mark Vervek
Clarence Winthrop
Police officer
Inspector Tapscott
Herbie Granville
Brian Moore
Nurse Martha
Mrs. Miller
Jenny's attacker
Gerald Darrow
Building manager
Jack (Jenny's trainer)
Art (diner cook)
Larry (diner customer)
Bar owner
Mark's girlfriend
Dr. Shinoda
Jenny's doctor
Charles' neighbor
Car mechanic
Sutter Home nurse
Officer at police station
Road emergency driver
Cocktail waitress
Tennis player

Director of Photography
Unit Production Manager
Production Coordinator
1st Assistant Director
2nd Assistant Director
Key Set Production Assistant
Costume Designer
Costume Assistant
Make Up & Hair
Set Designer
Set Dresser
1st Assistant Cameraman
2nd Assistant Cameraman
Additional 2nd ACs

Additional Photography
Key Grip
Best Boy (grip)
Best Boy (electric)
Additional G&E

Sound Mixer
Boom Operators

Production Interns

Sound Sync

Christopher G. Kurose
Mandi Reno
Nikki Levine
Daniel Aspromonte
Chelsea Tummolo
Janae Bassignani
Gio Kendall
Juliette Kendall
Y. Sharon Peng
Madeline Moore
Branden Collins
Alejandro Martinez
Brian Townsend
Timothy Wilson
Arnie Cayabyab
Jules Bowie
Matt Clarke
Phillip Matarrese
Joseph Matarrese
David Lanes
Laura Pearson
John Clark
Steve Forbes
Gavin Murray
Joseph Roland
Christian Klein
Jake McElrath
Allysa Moran
Marc Schatalow
Jonathan Salazar
Dan Jaspar
Max Molring
Paige Goedkoop
Bolthar Garcia
Bree Romero
Alyssa Nevarez
Vanessa White
Matt Morales
Anna Rottke
“A well made and captivating movie. Monique Hafen is simply brilliant as Jenny Lee.”  Rogue Cinema – August 2016
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“Intriguing and compelling. The journey from novel to film is pretty impressive.”  MicroFilmmaker Magazine – August 2016
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