A young business genius who won't take no for an answer wants to marry the daughter of an inflexible church minister who won't give yes for an answer.
Jenny Lee is an outspoken and temperamental tennis star whose career is brought to an halt following a mysterious accident. After her agent runs away with her money, Jenny finds herself struggling to find financial support and restart her career. Desperate for help, she searches for her father who abandoned her when she was a child. She soon tracks down a man with a shady past who left a trail of family secrets. Her search also leads her to uncover the mystery of her accident.
Smile Again, Jenny Lee
Two Brides and the Check, Please!
"An exciting tale of self-discovery and second chances filled with humor, heart and mystery."  -- Foreword Review
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Clarion Rating:

“Cinematic and suspenseful. Caldana has created a solid thriller.”
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"A superbly riveting plot."  -- San Francisco Book Review
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"Caldana offers solid prose."  -- Publishers Weekly
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"Readers will be pleasantly surprised."  -- Portland Book Review
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"A delightful farce."  San Francisco Bay Times
A one-act play

                           Carlo's corner
                            Writer/filmmaker Carlo Caldana
The Amesbury Legacy

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In this second installment following The Amesbury Legacy, Edmund Amesbury is kept against his will in a mental clinic. When he discovers that the conspiracy against him is linked to a secret document that designates him as the last descendant to France's royal family, he escapes from the clinic and sets out to find the Wallenstein Testament. With the police on his heels, he finds an unlikely ally in Christy, a young and ambitious journalist who is investigating the disappearance of Edmund’s cousin. The two team up to find the missing man and the Wallenstein Testament.

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The Wallenstein Testament
Wrongly convicted after a mysterious accident, Edmund Amesbury, the heir of a prominent San Francisco family, makes an escape to prove his innocence. He soon discovers that the conspiracy against him involves a long sought-after painting that might prove his lineage to France’s last king. Betrayed and abandoned by his family and friends, and with the police on his heels, Edmund finds an unlikely ally in a shadowy cat burglar who introduces him to the underworld of forgers and stolen-art dealers.
"A polished, entertaining performance with vivid characters and clever plot twists." -- BlueInk Review
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"The Wallenstein Testament has all the ingredients of an enjoyable crime caper—a rapid-paced narrative, a wacky premise, and a quirky protagonist." -- Forword Review
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"Readers are taken on a journey with many twists and surprises."
-- Manhattan Book Review
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                           Carlo Caldana     Writer / filmmaker