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A young business genius who won't take no for an answer wants to marry the daughter of an inflexible church minister who won't give yes for an answer.

 Staged at 

 The Marin Fringe Festival

The cast

Carlo Caldana  (Reverend Hedberg)

Scott Ludwig  (Jim Dartis)

Kevin Baldwin  (Ignat Splawn)

Annie Barry  (Sofia)

"A delightful farce."  - San Francisco Bay Times

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Theater april1.jpg

Pre-Broadway cast of Matthew Barber's Enchanted April  (1994)

-- Hillbarn Theater  (Foster City)

Theater beyond.jpg

Beyond Therapy  "San Francisco's Longest Running Comedy"  (1995-1996)

-- Cinnabar Cabaret  (San Francisco)

Theater murder.jpg

West Coast premiere of Soundheim & Furth's Getting Away with Murder  (1998)

-- Diego Rivera Theater  (San Francisco)

Theater amelio01.jpg

Hide the Bride - An evening of new one-act plays  (1994)

-- Bannam Place Theater  (San Francisco)

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